Paula Wright: Sexy isn’t Sexist

“Sexy isn’t Sexist” is Paula Wright’s Twitter handle. Very chuffed to have the versatile and independent-minded Paula allow us to use one of her compelling photographs as the next C+T cover. As a classical liberal in the tradition of grandees such as Christina Hoff Sommers and Susan Haack, Paula and a new crop of formidable empirically informed and temperamentally based feminists such as Debra Soh, Claire Lehmann, Diana Fleischman, Tania Reynolds, and others — are showing up that Ponzi-scheme, otherwise known as intersectionality, for the tripe that it really is. As Alice Dreger so pointedly put it: “Truth has a liberal bias, but only if you pursue it” — something conspicuously absent from the POMO sludge that the regressives have uncritically bought into and, gleefully, many are now drowning each other in.

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