Understanding Cryptocurrencies with Stigmergy

This from Alexander Blum writing in the HuffPost. We already have markets, the republic of science (Polanyi), urban design (Jacobs) and much more besides, spontaneous orders that embody these worthy stygmergic [sic] virtues (quote below). Writing a decade or so ago, the downside then expressed was that there runs the risk of ‘‘a kind of dysfunctional communal narrowing of attention’’ that can be self-fulfilling. This has now fully come to pass manifest as faux outrage, fake news, and groupthink — of course, afforded by social media and the now ubiquitous navel-gazing smart phone fuckwittery that is no longer confined to the “yoof”. See Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition, Stigmergy in the Human Domain, and Human-Human Stigmergy.

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