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Understanding Cryptocurrencies with Stigmergy

This from Alexander Blum writing in the HuffPost. We already have markets, the republic of science (Polanyi), urban design (Jacobs) and much more besides, spontaneous orders that embody these worthy stygmergic [sic] virtues (quote below). Writing a decade or so ago, the downside then expressed was that there runs the risk of ‘‘a kind of…

Turing learning

I’ve been thinking about Turing’s lesser-known but still very important other contribution (i.e. to mathematical biology) — so while in Turing groove, I was pleased to come across this open access paper from the latest issue of Swarm Intelligence. So glad to report that Swarm Intelligence has seen through its first decade. Alan TuringArtificial intelligenceCoevolutioncollective behaviorComplex systemsMachine learningmathematical biologySwarm…

How Do Our Social Networks Affect Our Health?

Nicholas Christakis (yes, the very same that had been in the news recently, unfortunately caught in the midst of campus fuckwittery) explains how face-to-face social networks and their structures influence behaviors and phenomena in human society and the natural living world. (H/T to Guy Theraulaz). NPR/TED Video/Audio. collective behaviorcommunicationcontagiondistributed cognitionemergent orderExtended MindgeneticsNetwork ScienceNicholas ChristakisSocial networkSwarm behavior