Breaking Bourbon

A few weeks back I made the error of purchasing a second bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (it was erroneous because I must not quite have assimilated the full depth of my disappointment first time round). A minority view, I know, but I just found the extra oaking a case of “over-egging the pud” so to speak: the ever insightful Jordan of Breaking Bourbon begs to differ. Given the limited retail selection where I live, not to mention the ridiculous tax rate, when I spotted a bottle of Michter’s US*1 Bourbon I snapped it up (CA$103). Was it worth the price? Nah, like so many other so-called premium small-batch bourbons it was a decent enough, but a way overpriced effort, and this time, Jordan and I are in full accord — but he puts it so much better than I could. I thoroughly recommend Breaking Bourbon as a sound first stop for the unpretentious bourbon aficionado — beholden to no-one, crystal clear, to the point, and even if one disagrees, for that reason alone one still actually learns something. The one bourbon conspicuously missing from those reviewed is Noah’s Mill but I’m sure the boys will get to it.

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