Spanish Reds and WAGYU steak

At half the price this bottle, Toro Flor de Vetus 2013, fared so much better than the Scala Dei 2012 Cartoixa, despite the promising name and my long-standing appreciation of Priorats. The allure of Priorats has now been well and truly dampened. The centre piece of the dinner was WAGYU steak which though expensive ($60 for two good sized steaks) can be done so much better than even a steak house with high-end pretensions and without any seasoning because of the intrinsic tastiness of the beautifully marbled meat. It is surprisingly very cost effective (feeding three for the price of one eating out) and with guaranteed top-notch meat: restaurants usually make false and perhaps ignorant claims about their supposed Angus meat. Anyway, WAGYU really is the way meat should be. C’est tout!