David Stove

Died on this day in 1994. A sure-fire way to wind up your colleagues on “plantation regressive” is to leave this book in plain sight or, for that matter, any Stove book would do the trick. If you like a cracking no-holds-barred philosophical polemic then Stove is the man for you (Stove might well have been the most prominent modern philosophical troll). The last and posthumous Stove piece that was published was edited by my chum Andrew Irvine. Here are some review pieces, one by the mischievous Willam Briggs; others include Mark Anthony SignorelliJohn DerbyshireMichael Beran, Kelly Jane Torrance, Patrick Keeney, and Barry Maley. For more on Stove see Roger Kimball’s “Who was David Stove?“; the best online resource is maintained by Jim Franklin and Gerry Nolan. (Interestingly, on the original website this message was posted: “An authorized officer of the University of New South Wales has requested that one of David Stove’s articles not be hosted on a UNSW web server. So the David Stove website has moved”.)