The Cultured Life and why it is worth pursuing

Joseph Epstein, still as sharp as a whistle, in The Weekly Standard. JE’s coinage “virtucrat”  (“any man or woman who is certain that his or her political views are not merely correct but deeply, morally righteous in the bargain”) is the precursor to the term “virtue-signaling”, the condition befalling many academics, politicians and in all probability many of your social network friends — you know, the well-meaning innocuous but rather intellectually lazy ones that overlay their profile picture with some filter to show just how virtuous and plugged in they are — Paris, London, Stockholm, Marseille, Würzburg, Ansbach, Rouen, Berlin, Manchester, Cairo, Orlando and so on and so forth — no doubt many more to be added.

Those opposed to the elitist impulse in art make the mistake of confusing the realms of culture and politics.

I have known high-level physicists and mathematicians—people whose IQs are doubtless stratospheric—who were, so to say, culture-proof.