Little Richard

Born on this day — a most radical and brave pioneer.

Little Richard told Blackwell he preferred the sound of Fats Domino. As a result, Little Richard began recording at Cosimo Matassa’s J&M Studios in New Orleans that September, recording there with several of Domino’s session musicians, including drummer Earl Palmer and saxophonist Lee Allen.[39] The initial cuts failed to produce anything that would inspire huge sales, and Little Richard and his producer took a break at a club called the Dew Drop Inn. While there, Little Richard performed a risqué song he had improvised from his days on the club circuit called “Tutti Frutti”.[40] The song’s a cappella introduction was based on a drum rhythm Little Richard had devised. Blackwell felt the song had hit potential and hired songwriter Dorothy LaBostrie to replace some of Little Richard’s sexual lyrics with less controversial words.[41][42] Recorded in three takes in September 1955, “Tutti Frutti” was released as a single in November.[43] — Wikipedia