Deirdre McCloskey and Don Boudreaux on ‘Bourgeois Equality’

I’m a literary, quantitative, postmodern, free-market, progressive-Episcopalian, Midwestern woman from Boston who was once a man. Not ‘conservative’! I’m a Christian libertarian.

That description would flummox the regressives’ crude social ontology and their perversely illiberal hierarchy of victimhood. Anyway, it’s well-worth listening to the very kind and deeply talented Deirdre McCloskey whom I had the good fortune to meet in person some six years ago at a San Diego conference and who recently (and surprisingly) remembered me when we resumed our correspondence. Deirdre is frank, funny and quite scathing — always enriching listening to her and of course learning from her work.

Scottish equality vs French equality — I guess that’s an ongoing tension within Western political economy.


Website (everything you wanted to know about Deirdre but were afraid to ask)