Hang in there Rick

All the best to Rick. It has always amazed me that Quo never really broke the US: their brand of basic intense and melodic boogie I’d have thought would have had wide and loyal support as in Europe. My three favorite albums Quo, On the Level and Live. I guess the essence of Quo is Down Down.

Before that, the band managed to reach number 12 in the U.S. with the psychedelic classic “Pictures of Matchstick Men” (a Top Ten hit in the U.K.). Following that single, the band suffered a lean period for the next few years, before the bandmembers decided to refashion themselves as a hard rock boogie band in 1970 with their Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon album. The Quo have basically recycled the same simple boogie on each successive album and single, yet their popularity has never waned in Britain. If anything, their very predictability has ensured the group a large following.