Reggie Perrin writer David Nobbs dies

The man behind one of the great television satires The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, centering on the drudgery of suburban middle class Britain, has died. David Nobbs was prescient about the creeping banality and self-important and meaningless jargon of corporate culture and the dumbest of instantiations of consumerism with the luck of the market — Grot. In many respects, it was the precursor to The Office. Leonard Rossiter and John Barron ably supported by Geoffrey Palmer were all perfectly cast and hilarious with the most wonderful scathes, mixed metaphors, malapropisms, dundrearyisms and cliches. Every office has a David and a Tony – great, super, clichesville USA! Don’t bother with the remakes of either the two British versions (one with the original cast sans Rossiter) nor indeed of the American version — they fall flat. See the second vid about the making of the show — much of it reminds me of Ignatius at Levy Pants.