Sifu G.K. Khoe

The world of Wing Chun has lost one of its greats. Sifu was a very modest man and averse to any form of self-promotion. I feel privileged to have been a student of his – his style was marked by great precision and any lack of artifice. He always brought a smile to my face in class when employing some amusing (at least to me) analogy to try and get a point across.

Dr. G.K. Khoe was a slender very fit Chinese who was brought up in Indonesia. He was on a one year sabbatical leave from a Dutch University to do some chemical engineering research at UBC. His strong scientific background put an engineering perspective on all that he taught. He mentioned that the traditional teaching from his teacher Wong Kiu (often written Wang Kiu) was not quite as organized but Wong Kiu allowed him to ask thousands of questions to bring all the details of the art. Wong Kiu’s method concentrated on chi sau. He wanted the student feel what to do. He would correct you on the spot during the dynamic action, which Dr. Khoe described as trying to play with an octopus with eight arms attacking you. Wong Kiu was so rooted that he was impossible to move. Later one of my large 240 pound police officer students said the same about Dr. Khoe. (quote from here)