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Muay Thai

A dream of mine was finally realized when I made it to the headquarters of Muay Thai in Bangkok. As someone who has a longstanding interest in the martial arts and other combat styles (also via work on embodied and situated cognition), this was a treat indeed. With a ringside seat, I could witness all the…

The Creation of Wing Chun

Below is an excerpt from the intro to this relatively recent scholarly book subtitled A Social History of the Southern Chinese Martial Arts that is now available in paperback. A man should always think of the source of the water as he drinks it; it is this shared feeling that keeps our kung fu brothers together. —Ip Man, “History…

Ip Chun

Born on this day and still going. I had the privilege of chi sao‘ing with sigung (master’s master) some 15 years ago in London and afterwards bumming a smoke from him outside. It’s also been three years since the loss of one of my sifus. bruce leeEmbodied cognitionG.K. Khoeip chunmartial artsWing Chunyip man

Sifu G.K. Khoe

The world of Wing Chun has lost one of its greats. Sifu was a very modest man and averse to any form of self-promotion. I feel privileged to have been a student of his – his style was marked by great precision and any lack of artifice. He always brought a smile to my face…

Jim Kelly

This from the Miami Herald. Kelly was known to every seventies kid who was into the martial arts. A formidable athlete and dignified persona. enter the dragonjim kellymartial arts