Priorat wines

Here is everything you need to know about Priorat – IMHO the most exciting fireworks in a bottle along with some of the much more modestly priced Chilean wines. See Jancis Robinson‘s assessment from 2004 along with a couple of more recent articles from the WSJ and the NYT. I first had a glass in NYC in 2009 when the Spanish barman insisted I sample something special. The nose on it alone was like nothing I’d ever come across – itself a most wonderful and intense qualic experience. After tasting it, the barman knew the deal had been done and that he had to shift the rest of the open bottle. Well aware that I was obliged to cover the full cost of the bottle I offered a taste to my companions –  they willingly forked over the $xxx per glass for the remaining wine. All in all well worth it since I still think about that experience. It turns out the wine was L’Ermita. And outside of NOLA food, Spanish cuisine is where it’s at.