Scotch Hunter

I don’t normally recommend websites/blogs but this one was started by two enthusiasts with day jobs in another world. I assume their naming of their website Scotch Hunter is a tribute/allusion to the chap that started me on the road to educating me in beer, scotch and other wonderful drinks – the late Michael Jackson aka the “Beer Hunter” – a lovely gentle man who I met at a CAMRA event years back.

I never took to the Kriek/Lambic style that Michael talks about at the end of this clip. It was through Michael that I discovered my favourite beer – Rochefort 10 – a world away from the “poodle piss” called Bud (not casting aspersions on the real Budvar) that the ignorant think is beer. Anyway, this week’s primary imbibition has been Talisker 18Ardbeg 10 and St Bernardus 8. Cheers Michael!