Speaking of Russell . . .

I’ve just discovered that the bust of Bertie in Red Lion Square commissioned by Ayer et al was sculpted by none other than Marcelle Quinton, the widow of my chum Tony Quinton (see announcement below). If I get the opportunity I must ask her about it (Marcelle is a formidable intellect – she and Tony translated Frege’s “The Thought: A Logical Inquiry“).


An Appeal made by Sir Alfred Ayer, Lord Brockway (Chairman of the Appeal Committee), Peter Cadogan (Secretary), Lord Ritchie Calder, Frank Dobson MP, John Gilmour, Dora Russell, Lord Willis and Baroness Wootton, c/o SPES, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WCi. Telephone 01 24a 8032/3. Bertrand Russell, one of the most important philosophers of this century, awarded academic honours in many countries and the Nobel Prize for Literature, revered by multitudes all over the world for his untiring efforts for peace and human understanding, has not so far received the recognition that is his due. Permission has been given by Camden Council for the placing of a bust of Russell in central London in the gardens of Red Lion Square and a committee has been formed to promote the project. Robert Davis, President with Peter Cranford, Chairman of the Bertrand Russell Society in the U.S.A. and members of Russell’s family are giving encouragement of this venture. We think that there will be many admirers of Russell and his work who will wish to contribute to the cost of the memorial and we invite them to respond to this Appeal. The sculptor will be Marcelle Quinton.

Mind 353: 320. 1980.