Michael Dummett

Telegraph obituary

My favourite Dummett book: Truth and Other Enigmas. My favourite Dummett paper:  A Defense of Mctaggart’s Proof of the Unreality of Time. Here is Steve Pyke’s superb portrait.

Michael Dummett
21 May 1990

Philosophy attempts, not to discover new truths about the world, but to gain a clear view of what we already know and believe about it. That depends upon attaining a more explicit grasp of the structure of our thoughts; and that in turn on discovering how to give a systematic account of the working of language, the medium in which we express our thoughts.

When I saw Dummett give a lecture some years back at Birkbeck he could have been mistaken for a Fleet Street hack – he just sounded like one and had the look of one that had spent many an hour frequenting Ye Olde Cheeshire Cheese.