Hayek, Weimer, Gibson and Rosch

Here is the flyer from the legendary conference convened by Walt Weimer – the other notables included Gibson, who I’m told snubbed Hayek despite so warmly receiving The Sensory Order and Eleanor Rosch later to find fame as co-author of  The embodied mind: Cognitive science and human experience.  It is amazing that Weimer had (still has I might add!!) such balls and foresight to see Hayek’s genius – after all – Hayek was a rank outsider. Doff of hat and raised glass to Walt Weimer! Weimer was, by the way, interviewed by Bernard Baars some years ago but there was no mention of Hayek. Many thanks to  Jim Wible,  a student of Walt Weimer, who so kindly dug out this flyer out. Also thanks to Walt’s other students (Bill Butos, Harry Heft, Denny Proffitt and John Johnson) who came forward with such vivid memories of this amazing character – here are some photos from that conference. Last, but by no means least, it was my late chum Rob Haskell who, when I innocently asked if he knew Weimer, got very animated (this was in mid-winter at a nondescript bar in the Maine Mall). He had much he wanted to chat about at some later date – it wasn’t to be.