Nicholas Rescher

One can’t help but marvel at eclectic breadth and the prolific output of Nicholas Rescher. Now in his 83rd year, there are no signs of this phenomenon slowing down. I first met Nick at the Bradley Society conference held at Harris Manchester College, Oxford in about 1998. Unlike so many other stars of a younger generation, Nick is still doing the hard work of thinking – he is not endlessly repackaging his “greatest hits” and even “minor hits” under ever new thematic permutations and churning out stuff that he could do in his sleep. Last but by no means least, Nick is an absolute gentleman – he so kindly agreed to participate in an early issue of EPISTEME to help get things rolling for this new journal. And he continues to send me works of his that he thinks might be salient to my interests. Thank you Nick Rescher – long may you continue writing.