On-line Consciousness Conference

I’d like to bring your attention to what promises to be a fascinating experiment, the brain-child of Richard Brown who has one of the most entertaining and provocative philosophy blogs around. The on-line consciousness conference pretty much follows the conventional conference format though with some small amendments. The papers are anticipated to be much shorter than usual which I think is a very good thing. I have participated in on-line symposia the modus operandi being an email correspondence circulated to those that signed up – I found this to be very awkward. An on-line consciousness course that I thought very successful was one held by the Center for Consciousness Studies at Arizona – I see that Bernie Baars is again running the phenomenology webcourse.


The only thing missing from these virtual events is the boozing and schmoozing! But, we can usually make up for it if and when we have the occasion to meet in person. Good luck Richard – I think it’s a terrific idea.