Epistemic Approaches To Democracy

This is the latest issue of EPISTEME: it’s currently available as hard copy but not online, though this will happen before long.

Guest Editor: David Estlund

• Introduction: Epistemic Approaches to Democracy, David Estlund

• Science, Religion, and Democracy, Philip Kitcher

• The Epistemic Value of the Democratic Process, William Nelson

• Pure Epistemic Proceduralism, Fabienne Peter

• The Premises of Condorcet’s Jury Theorem Are Not Simultaneously Justified, Franz Dietrich

• Epistemic Democracy and the Social Character of Knowledge, Michael Fuerstein

• A Culture of Justification: The Pragmatist’s Epistemic Argument for Democracy, Cheryl Misak

• Toward a Social Epistemic Comprehensive Liberalism, Robert B. Talisse

• An Epistemic Defense of Democracy: David Estlund’s Democratic Authority, Elizabeth Anderson