Journal of Mind and Behavior

I’ve recently become the Associate Reviews Editor of the Journal of Mind and Behavior (JMB). JMB is a well-regarded refereed journal, now in its 27th year, with an impressive subscription base. What I find congenial is that JMB appeals to a multidisciplinary audience, offering a healthy and ecumenical dialogue. Subject areas include:

The psychology, philosophy,and sociology of experimentation and the scientific method

The relationship between methodology, operationism, and theory construction

The mind/body problem in the social sciences, psychiatry and the medical sciences, and the physical science

Philosophical impact of a mind/body epistemology upon psychology and its theories of consciousness

Critical examinations of the DSM – biopsychology – somatotherapy framework of thought and practice

Phenomenological, teleological, existential, and introspective reports relevant to psychology, psychosocial methodology, and social philosophy

Issues pertaining to the ethical study of cognition, self-awareness, and higher functions of consciousness in non-human animals

Historical perspectives on the course and nature of psychological science

Under my tenure, I’m looking for reviews that are akin to the old-fashioned Critical Notice – an extended review essay of about 5,000 words that itself is a genuine and thoughtful contribution to the literature. (“Reviews” that seem more about the reviewer, rather than the target thinker, or “reviews” that clearly haven’t read the target book from cover to cover, are not welcome here). If there is a recent or forthcoming book that you believe is worthy of attention and that falls within the aims and scope of JMB, drop me a line. It is vital that, beyond the substantive expertise required by the reviewer, the reviewer also pay special consideration to writing for a general audience. Furthermore, JMB strictly adheres to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (fifth edition, 2001; see Journal for exceptions to APA style).  Examples of previous reviews will be sent to act as a guide.