Perspectives on Social Cognition: Contents

Special Issue of Cognitive Systems ResearchPerspectives on Social Cognition

Some papers are now available as pre-press versions.

1. Introduction to Perspectives on Social Cognition – Leslie Marsh & Christian Onof
2. Functionalism and mental boundaries – Lawrence Shapiro
3. Consciousness and the social mind – Philip Robbins
4. Social relationships and groups: New insights on embodied and distributed cognition – Eliot Smith
5. A conceptual and empirical framework for the social distribution of cognition: The case of memory – Amanda Barnier, Celia Harris, John Sutton & Robert Wilson
6. Dynamic empathy: A new formulation for the simulation theory of mind reading – Teed Rockwell
7. The social-cognitive dynamics of metaphor performance – Raymond Gibbs & Lynne Cameron
8. Language acquisition, concept acquisition, and intuitions about semantic properties: Defending the syntactic solution to Frege’s puzzle – Robert Rupert
9. Cultural-historical activity theory and the zone of proximal development in the study of idioculture design and implementation – Michael Cole, Robert Lecusay & Lars Rossen
10. The cultural evolution of socially situated cognition – Liane Gabora
11. Science as collective knowledge – Kristina Rolin
12. Economics, cognitive science and social cognition – Don Ross
13. Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition – Leslie Marsh & Christian Onof
14. Methodological situatedness; or, DEEDS worth doing and pursuing – Joel Walmsley