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Five Answers on Pragmatism

Susan Haack has just made this available. pragmatism is best thought of, not as requiring these or those articles of faith, but simply as a broad congeries of philosophical attitudes Charles Sanders PeirceEpistemologyJohn DeweyPhilosophypragmatismRichard Rortysusan haackTruthWilliam James

Who Founded Pragmatism?

Fascinating and amusing discussion. Good to see the likes of Joseph Margolis and Richard Bernstein despite my substantive disagreement with them on the relativism front.     Charles Sanders PeirceJohn DeweyJoseph MargolispragmatismRichard BernsteinRichard RortyWilliam James

Oakeshott on Science as a Mode of Experience

Here is the intro to Byron’s essay from the Zygon symposium.. The obvious outcome of our total experience is that the world can be handled according to many systems of ideas, and is so handled by different men . . . science and religion are genuine keys for unlocking the world’s treasure house. Neither is…

The Amygdala Made Me Do It

James Atlas reviews the latest spate of books on biological determinism. Artificial intelligenceCharles DuhiggCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive sciencecomplexityconsciousnessDaniel KahnemanDavid HumeEmbodied cognitionGilbert Rylephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindqualiaTony DungyTreatise of Human NatureWilliam James

C. S. Peirce and F. A. Hayek on the Abstract Nature of Sensation and Cognition

Here is the intro to Jim Wibble’s fascinating paper, the full version available here. When exploring ideas on philosophy of science and economic methodology, one of the most unusual articles that one can encounter is Hayek’s well-known piece, “The Primacy of the Abstract”. In a note in the article, Hayek tells us that he had…