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Herbert Simon as Behavioral Economist

Here is a draft of a co-authored entry for Real World Decision Making: An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics. Morris Altman, editor. Santa Barbara: Praeger. Behavioral economicsBounded Rationalitycognitive closuredistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeExternalismFrederick Winslow TaylorHerbert SimonLuther GulickLyndall Urwickrationalismrationalitysatisficingsituated cognitionStigmergyTuring

Turing Test

Another of probably several Turing related posts in the run up to the summer commemorations of Turing’s birth and death (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954) – the following from Science Magazine 13 April 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6078. I paste in a couple of paragraphs from each paper as a preview. Here is a Wired article…

Turing Centenary

Conference page. Here is also one of Turing’s most famous papers: I propose to consider the question, “Can machines think?” This should begin with definitions of the meaning of the terms “machine” and “think.” The definitions might be framed so as to reflect so far as possible the normal use of the words, but this…