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Curtis Mayfield: Super Fly

Released on this day in 1972, Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack made history as one of the few soundtracks to outgross the accompanying movie. See AllMusic: A melange of deep, dark grooves, trademarked wah-wah guitar, and stinging brass, Super Fly ignited an entire genre of music . . . Curtis Mayfieldfunksuperfly

Super Fly

Forty-five years ago this masterpiece soundtrack was released — AllMusic assessment. We’re all built up with progress But sometimes I must confess We can deal with rockets and dreams But reality, what does it mean Curtis Mayfieldpsychedelic funkpsychedelic soulsuperfly

One Last Deal: Documentary on Superfly

Here’s a short documentary about the making of Superfly. Good to see most of the cast and crew interviewed all these years later because several are no longer with us. And yes, all acknowledge that it was Curtis’ contribution that made a somewhat awkward film into something special that transcended the technical flaws and gave…