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Social systems: complex adaptive loci of cognition

Recent working paper — Hayek even cited with some Austrians along with Edelman and Maturana and Varela. Cognitioncollective intentionalitycomplexitydistributed knowledgeDynamic systems theoryGerald Edelmanglobal brainHayekmaturanaNiklas LuhmannSimonsocial ontologySocially distributed cognitionthe sensory orderVarela

Cosmos + Taxis 1.1

Here is the inaugural issue if Cosmos + Taxis Austrian Economicscomplexitycomplexity studiescosmos & taxisdistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeemergent orderHayekphilosophy of social sciencesituated cognitionSocially distributed cognitionSpontaneous order

The Stigmergy Game

Here is a recent open access article I came across entitled Co-Adaptation and the Emergence of Structure. Check out their “Stigmergy Game” model. Cognitive sciencecomplexitydistributed knowledgesituated cognitionsocial epistemologySocially distributed cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergy

Constructing Religion without The Social: Durkheim, Latour, and Extended Cognition

Here is the intro to Matthew’s article: Where does thinking happen? The obvious and most common answer is “somewhere inside the head.” After all, this is where the brain is safely housed behind seven millimeters of protective armor. However, despite the instinctive appeal of this response, some theoretical camps have been willing to flirt with…

A conceptual and empirical framework for the social distribution of cognition: The case of memory

The power team of  Barnier, Sutton, Harris, and Wilson. Paradigms in which human cognition is conceptualised as “embedded”, “distributed”, or “extended” have arisen in different areas of the cognitive sciences in the past 20 years. These paradigms share the idea that human cognitive processing is sometimes, perhaps even typically, hybrid in character: it spans not only…