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The Mystery of Finlaggan

Always partial to an Islay, I tried this for the first time and it fared very much better than a Lagavulin 8 200th Anniversary Edition. The general consensus seems to be that price-wise this Islay offers a really big bang for the buck. Here are two assessments of it.     alcoholFinlaggangastronomyIslaysingle malt

Laphroaig Lore

I own enough square footage (albeit not contiguously) of Laphroaig to build a decent sized detached house on. Last night I tried Lore for the first time and my default scepticism was immediately and absolutely blown away. This was possibly the greatest all round Islay I’ve ever had. If I were to offer an analogy…

Bourbon vs Scotch

Having just cracked open a long anticipated bottle of Yellowstone I have bourbon on my mind — and this coincides with Julia Reed’s discussion taking wing from Walker Percy’s famous essay. Sociological musings aside, I’m of the view that the pitching of Bourbon vs Scotch is a false dichotomy: there is no legitimate comparison. If I had…


Despite recent rumblings in the chocolate world here is a fantastic pairing. All that is needed to make an outrageously quailic threesome is a Cohiba Behike 52. Dram>Choc>Dram>Puff — repeat. The vulgarity and noise of the world guaranteed to be silenced. Behikedick taylor chocolategastronomylagavulin 16qualiasingle malt

Isle of Jura Superstition

As ever, a most thoughtful assessment from Jason Debly. As an Islay “peathead” myself, I don’t think that this would disappoint others. Jason, I notice, has also weighed in on the recent Crown Royal kerfuffle which I mentioned here. alcoholJason DeblyjuraqualiaScotch whiskysingle malt

Whiskey River

This article caused quite a stir recently. David Driscoll issues an interesting response. And the word from Canada . . . bourbondavid driscolljim murrayqualiasingle maltwhiskeyWhisky

Old Pulteney 21

On a recent visit back to Old Blighty I had the opportunity to more than sample some Old Pulteney 21. I had never heard of the distillery since my interests have tended to focus on Islay, Speyside and Highland single malts. It was merely one bottle, an unopened office gift amongst several, to a friend who…

Laphroaig Cáirdeas now available

According to the distillery blurb: This whisky is now between 13 and 21 years old. We blended it (50:50) with another ‘special’ whisky we had been quietly maturing. This new spirit was then placed into small quarter casks, enjoying a very intense maturation for seven years. Both whiskies were fine expressions of Laphroaig® in their…