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Social systems: complex adaptive loci of cognition

Recent working paper — Hayek even cited with some Austrians along with Edelman and Maturana and Varela. Cognitioncollective intentionalitycomplexitydistributed knowledgeDynamic systems theoryGerald Edelmanglobal brainHayekmaturanaNiklas LuhmannSimonsocial ontologySocially distributed cognitionthe sensory orderVarela

Hayek and Behavioral Economics

My chapter Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension is published in this collection today. The full line-up as follows: Foreword; V.Smith Introduction; R.Frantz & R.Leeson Friedrich Hayek’s Behavioural Economics in Historical Context; R.Frantz A Hayekian/Kirznerian Economic History of the Modern World; D.McCloskey Was Hayek an Austrian Economist? Yes and No. Was Hayek a…

Remembering Herbert Simon

Simon died this day in 2001. Check out these two books – Models of a Man (as with most edited books this is uneven, but there is still much to recommend it) and Herbert A. Simon: The Bounds of Reason in Modern America, an excellent intellectual biography. Speaking of Simon, I have a paper coming out entitled…