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Interpreting Italo Svevo: When Literary Orthodoxy Misses The Mark

Dario Maestripieri in Quillette. Literary studies has for several decades been given over to theory-saturated “activism masquerading as inquiry.” It’s self-aggrandizing political and identitarian Newspeak, as the late D. G. Myers put it, is “a caterwaul of screeching, dogmatic ‘movements.’ Neither method nor logic unites them.” Both Freudians and Marxists have missed the mark on…

The Nightmare

A favourite From the start, caricaturists also adopted Fuseli’s composition, and political figures from Napoleon Bonaparte to President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all been lampooned in satirical versions of Fuseli’s painting. ArtdreamsEdgar Allan PoeHenry FuseliJungmary shellypaintingphilosophical literatureromanticismshakespeareSigmund Freudsubconscious

In Defense of Our National and Religious Traditions

Interesting piece by Yoram Hazony in Mosaic. How to shore up this collapsing front? Given the history I have described, it seems likely that there is now only one way: an alliance of Old Testament-conscious Protestants and nationalist Catholics and Jews who will seek to update the biblical and Protestant heritage of the West and restore it…