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The Nightmare

A favourite From the start, caricaturists also adopted Fuseli’s composition, and political figures from Napoleon Bonaparte to President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all been lampooned in satirical versions of Fuseli’s painting. ArtdreamsEdgar Allan PoeHenry FuseliJungmary shellypaintingphilosophical literatureromanticismshakespeareSigmund Freudsubconscious

Shakespeare: memory and modern cognitive science

Here is someone doing interesting interdisciplinary work as an English don without plying the usual woolly pseudo-inquiry tripe. See article here. distributed cognitionEmbodied cognitionEvelyn TribbleExtended MindExternalismMemoryphilosophical literaturePhilosophy of mindshakespearesituated cognition

Hegel on Hamlet

Simon Critchley and Jamieson Webster in Spiked Review. Perhaps it is this yearning for a Catholic Shakespeare that must be given up in order to see Hamlet aright and see ourselves in its light. Perhaps we will have to dispense with the ghost’s prayer for an unadulterated life, for Catholic absolution, for an absolute. Hegel…