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Rupert interview on extended mind

The VERY excellent Rob Rupert on naturalistic theories of mental content and no surprise – extended mind. Also with Jonno Sutton and Richard Menary sandwiched in between Rob. H/T to Ken Aizawa for the alert. Here is a link to my collection of  “Rupertiana“. Alan SaundersBrainCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive sciencecomplexityDavid ChalmersEmbodied cognitionExtended MindPhilosophy of mindPhilosophy of scienceRobert RupertShaun…

Extending the mind

Three luminaries – Rob Rupert, Richard Menary and Jonno Sutton – discuss the topic on Australia’s Radio National The Philosopher’s Zone. P.S. H/T to Ken Aizawa for bringing Rupert’s review of Clark to our attention. BrainCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceEmbodied cognitionExtended Mindphilosophical psychologyPhilosophyPhilosophy of mindRichard MenaryRob RupertRobert Rupert