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Duelling Bowies

Steve Coogan​ & @RobBrydon​ reenacting the moment David Bowie​ followed Rob on @Twitter is possibly Scene Of The Year 2017. #TheTripToSpain — Sky Atlantic (@skyatlantic) April 21, 2017 Also check out Ricky Gervais’ proto-The Office cringe-fest for a good giggle. comedyDavid Bowiemusicricky gervaisRob Brydonsteve coogan

Farts and philosophy

Christina Pazsitzky, comedian and philosophy major, talks about her approach. These days it seems that a significant number of philosophers have long-since traded in TRUTH for self-aggrandizing activism posing as inquiry and so now, more than ever, the health of liberal culture depends on the Shakespearean fool pricking the elites, the common clay, and everything in-between — some of…