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Five Answers on Pragmatism

Susan Haack has just made this available. pragmatism is best thought of, not as requiring these or those articles of faith, but simply as a broad congeries of philosophical attitudes Charles Sanders PeirceEpistemologyJohn DeweyPhilosophypragmatismRichard Rortysusan haackTruthWilliam James

The American Evasion of Pragmatism: Souls, Science, and The Case of Walker Percy

Here’s a very good article by Rob Chodat It is the scientist’s “being-in-the-world” that allows her to describe planets and bacteria, “things and subhuman organisms,” but the “being-in-the-world” of the layman occupies what Percy calls a “different sort of reality,” resting upon the linguistic and social ties that constitute a “non-material, non-measurable entity.” And what holds…

Who Founded Pragmatism?

Fascinating and amusing discussion. Good to see the likes of Joseph Margolis and Richard Bernstein despite my substantive disagreement with them on the relativism front.     Charles Sanders PeirceJohn DeweyJoseph MargolispragmatismRichard BernsteinRichard RortyWilliam James

Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature – 30 years on

I chanced upon this freely available review of Rorty’s notorious PMN (30th anniversary edition). It reminded me that I’d read PMN long before reading Oakeshott and that coming across Rorty’s invocation of Oakeshott’s conversational metaphor had no resonance for me. Even though I’m not in sympathy with Rorty and Oakeshott’s relativism I’m amazed at the…