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Red Beans and Rice Winner

The first ever winner of NOLA’s red beans and rice competition is Chef Cedrick Lewis of Cornet. For $14 well worth checking out his handiwork as well as the runner up Avery’s Monday (of course) special for $8.75. Full report here. A New Orleans classic, seasoned with the “Holy Trinity” of spices topped with a green onion smoked sausage and…

Red beans and rice

Who Cooks The Best Red Beans And Rice In New Orleans? Someone should enter Pops and Lucille’s recipe. Then send in the cavalry :) Twenty minutes later — Bisma Rex and Swiss Kriss gastronomyLouis ArmstrongLouisiananew orleanspopsred beans and riceswiss kriss

Red Beans And Rice-ly Yours

Below is the recipe for Pops’ favourite dish. Here is a recent variation. Pops often signed off his letters with variations of Red Beans And Ricely Yours. No surprise then that there was even an album carrying that title. And after all that gastronomic activity . . . well, you leave it all behind ya.…