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Understanding the Tacit

My chum Steve Turner has a new book out. It has much Oakeshott interest and as many will know Steve has been a longstanding Oakeshott commentator. For me, one of his key articles is “Tradition and Cognitive Science: Oakeshott’s Undoing of the Kantian Mind”, a piece that I reference quite regularly. OK, so the book…

More Oakeshottiana

Michael Oakeshott and Hans-Georg Gadamer on Practices, Social Science, and Modernity by Edmund Neill Continental philosophyHans-Georg GadamerHermeneuticsmodernityPhilosophyphilosophy of social sciencePolitical philosophypracticeSocial scienceTradition

Religion and the Mode of Practice in Michael Oakeshott

Here is the intro to Elizabeth’s essay: Michael Oakeshott’s religious view of the world stands behind much of his political and philosophical writing. Yet it is difficult to get a firm grasp on what religion means to Oakeshott. His ideas about it constitute nothing that most people would recognize as religious. He rarely writes about God,…