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William Christenberry

Obituary and NYT profile William Christenberry’s work is a poetic evocation of a haunted countryside.  . . .  [that it] really says it all, because it [his work] deals not only with the Southern landscape of beauty and wonderment, but also the side of it that is haunted with memory and sadness. AlabamapaintingphotographyWalker PercyWilliam Christenberry

Walker Percy: Daylight and Dark

I want to bring your attention to this Kickstarter project. Watch the 6 minute project pitch and donate what you can to this important work and check out the donor incentives. As you will see this project is on the verge of fruition and will be published to commemorate the centenary of Percy’s birth. The project is…

The Topography of Tears

Rose-Lynn Fisher’s fascinating photographic project. Like Rose-Lynn I am curious to know what the scientific take on this would be and whether the chemical compounds do actually systematically correspond with Rose-Lynn’s labeling. Artmicroscopephotographyrose-lynn fishertears