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Michael Oakeshott: born on this date

For those who’ve never read that most subtle, cultivated, humane and refined of minds Michael Oakeshott’s concerns resonate as deeply as ever. For the novice, I’d recommend his mid-career Rationalism in Politics, a most elegant collection of essays. A more difficult, but for me the vital underpinning cutting across all his work, is his equally elegant and…

John Henry Newman’s Canonisation

Newman’s canonisation ceremony is set for 13 October 2019. See this article. One of my favorite books is his Grammar of Assent freely available here. Another is his philosophical novel Loss and Gain also freely available. Catholicismgrammar of assentidea of a universityJohn Henry NewmanLiberal educationloss and gainMichael OakeshottPhilosophy of Educationt. s. eliot

Three Ideas of the University

The very excellent James Alexander in The European Legacy. Oakeshott’s The Voice of Liberal Learning freely available here. Noel Annan commented that Michael Oakeshott’s “was the finest evocation of the ‘the idea of the university’ since Newman’s; and more subtle and persuasive”. Educationjames alexanderJohn Henry NewmanLiberal artsLiberal educationMichael Oakeshottnoel annanPhilosophy of Education

Un Début dans la Vie Humaine: Michael Oakeshott on education

Still on an educational theme, Paul’s chapter coincidently comes soon after I’d attended a conference on Maria Montessori. As a Montessori kid myself, I now see the many continuities going back to Boëthius’ Trivium and Quadrivium. Paul Franco’s essay on Oakeshott’s philosophy of education, “Un Début dans la Vie Humaine,” fittingly concludes part 1 of this volume, for…

The Poor Lady Immured: Notes on Public Philosophy

The very excellent Eugene Heath in Metaphilosophy. Philosophy should not be immured within the confines of the university but should step confidently into the communal spaces of society. Philosophy should include, in other words, public philosophy. What, however, is public philosophy? And is it an unalloyed good? These questions are the subject of this essay.…