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Oakeshott on Education

Here is Anthony’s entry on Oakeshott from The Routledge encyclopaedia of educational thinkers — note, MO’s date of death is incorrectly stated. anthony o’hearJoy A. Palmer CooperLiberal educationMichael OakeshottPhilosophy of Education

No Patrimony

Here’s the very excellent Frank Furedi who has this new piece in First Things and who, is of course, a regular contributor to the ecumenical and well-named Spiked. Now what is especially interesting about Frank is that he reminds me a great deal of Paul Hirst and another decent chap, Jerry Cohen. As the Guardian obituary says of Paul, he…

Michael Oakeshott

Thinking of this great subtle humane thinker — his birth and death dates are close together (December 11, 1901 — December 19, 1990) — whose work stands as one of the greatest challenges to salvation peddlers. For a freebie overview check out Terry Nardin’s SEP entry and two collections — Paul and my Penn State volume and…