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Michael Oakeshott

Thinking of this great subtle humane thinker — his birth and death dates are close together (December 11, 1901 — December 19, 1990) — whose work stands as one of the greatest challenges to salvation peddlers. For a freebie overview check out Terry Nardin’s SEP entry and two collections — Paul and my Penn State volume and…

Rationalism and Teaching the Constitution

Elizabeth Corey’s recent discussion in Academic Questions. An extract below: Oakeshott’s Critique In his most famous essay, “Rationalism in Politics,” published in a book of the same name, Oakeshott calls the American Founding a “Rationalist” project. In Oakeshott’s lexicon, Rationalism is not something to be praised but a pathological condition, a cast of mind exhibited by…

Why Study Philosophy?

This from The Atlantic. Philosophyphilosophy of economicsPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of historyPhilosophy of LanguagePhilosophy of mindphilosophy of religionPhilosophy of sciencephilosophy of social science