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Dumpstaphunk: new album

The sludgiest groove around. Overlooking the typo (plant should read planet) here is the best characterization (written by David Kunian) I’ve come across of the band: Dumpstaphunkfunkneville brothersnew orleansThe MetersTrombone Shorty

Charles Neville

Reported by WWOZ. Just the other day music photographer Chris Harris and I corresponded about Charles’ stint in Angola. This loss will cast a long shadow over JazzFest. charles nevillefunkmusicneville brothersnew orleans

Aaron Neville’s My True Story

Coming very soon – Neville’s affectionate revisiting of the doo-wop music he grew up with. If you appreciate doo-wop then you’ll love Zappa’s self-penned tribute to doo-wop though of course it being Zappa it has a bit of gentle naughtiness.  Aaron, Don and Keef, the latter turned me onto the Neville Brothers in ’81. Read…