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Joaquín Fuster

Happy birthday to Joaquín. Here is a bio-sketch of Joaquín’s life and a summary of his work. Also check out Joaquín’s “Hayek in Today’s Cognitive Neuroscience” which he wrote for my edited collection in 2011. Some 20 years ago I gave a talk on Hayek’s philosophical psychology examining the continuities between Hayek’s social connectionism and…

T. E. Lawrence: Patron Saint of Motorcycling

Lawrence of Arabia’s last ride. Steve “On Any Sunday/The Great Escape” McQueen would be at his side as will Henry Cole. And if you’ve every wondered about the origin of motorcycle helmets, here’s a nice article from Neurosurgery entitled “Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Hugh Cairns, and the origin of motorcycle helmets“. Would I wear a…

False-positive neuroimaging

Here’s a piece courtesy of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s biology preprint server bioRxiv. Undisclosed flexibility in testing spatial hypotheses allows presenting anything as a replicated finding fMRI image of my own nut, 2001: Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging Institute of Neurology, UCL bioRxivfmrineural correlatesNeurobiologyNeuroimagingneuroscience