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Post “ Post-Truth”: Are We There Yet?

One of my favorite, most formidable and most intellectually honest philosophers, Susan Haack, has made available this recent paper. (Stay tuned for an upcoming festschrift for Susan marking her 75!). If you find the “activism masquerading as inquiry” sorts tiresome and disingenuous, you should really check out Susan’s less technical stuff.   EpistemologyevidencemetaphysicsPeircepost modernismsusan haacktestimonyTruth

David Wiggins

Born on this day — a true gentleman in every sense. If ever Wiggins was miffed that I preferred to talk to him about his metaphysics rather than his ethics, he never let on. Sameness and Substance Renewed (2001) and its two precursors, 1967’s Identity and Spatio-Temporal Continuity and 1980’s Sameness and Substance, jointly remain one of my favourite reads. See discussion of…

The Self in the Age of Cognitive Science

The most excellent Rob Rupert has made his latest paper freely available. Abstract Philosophers of mind commonly draw a distinction between the personal level – the distinctive realm of conscious experience and reasoned deliberation – and the subpersonal level, the domain of mindless mechanism and brute cause and effect. Moreover, they tend to view cognitive…