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Marguerite Yourcenar

Born on June 8th. Becoming the Emperor: How Marguerite Yourcenar reinvented the past. Then she came upon the drafts of a novel about Hadrian that she had begun when she was twenty-one and had later put aside. …. She was forty-five when she went back to Hadrian. Marcus AureliusMarguerite YourcenarMemoirs of Hadrianphilosophical literatureYukio Mishima

Anthony Long on Marcus Aurelius

For years the name of AA Long was a reliable though unseen friend guiding me in much of my classics reading. One always had the sense of a profoundly engaged and reliable commentator especially regarding Hellenistic and Stoic literature which has been an abiding interest. It was a lovely surprise to come a cross this…

Marcus Aurelius

In troubled times, perhaps there is no better philosophical wisdom than The Meditations to help ease the mind. For an overview of this amazing mind, see here. Whatever museum I happen to be visiting, if they have a bust of Marcus Aurelius, I’m always very quickly drawn to it. Marcus AureliusPhilosophystoicism