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Walker Percy Weekend ’18

Still on Percy I was very disappointed that I missed last year’s shindig! So check out this brief trailer and to keep apprised of the weekend’s emerging details, I suggest one signup here. Louisiananew orleansphilosophical literaturePhilosophyWalker PercyWalker Percy Weekend

Red beans and rice

Who Cooks The Best Red Beans And Rice In New Orleans? Someone should enter Pops and Lucille’s recipe. Then send in the cavalry :) Twenty minutes later — Bisma Rex and Swiss Kriss gastronomyLouis ArmstrongLouisiananew orleanspopsred beans and riceswiss kriss

Dear CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, Good Morning America, the Today Show and whatever other news organizations professing to employ people who refer to themselves as Journalists

Open letter from Baton Rouge resident Heather Cross . . . while Louisiana drowns, regressives (and some cucks) continue to wank over (“fiddle while Rome burns”) divisive identity politics and Trump. I think you people are stone cold silent about this flood, because really, there’s no agenda to push. There’s no side to take. cultureLouisianamediaregressive leftsituated cognitionSpontaneous order

I Am the Blues

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this documentary featuring Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Little Freddie King, Lazy Lester, Bilbo Walker, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, RL Boyce, LC Ulmer, and Lil’ Buck Sinegal. (click image for details). H/T the wonderful Holger Peterson. Barbara LynnBilbo WalkerbluesBobby RushCarol FranHenry GrayHolger PetersonJimmy “Duck” HolmesLazy LesterLC UlmerLil’…

David Egan’s last stand

Our great Southern songwriter lays in a recliner, feet propped up into a blanket that covers legs made thin by a cancer whose patience has worn out. Those legs used to amble around one hell of man — a tall, ruggedly handsome man’s man and raconteur gifted in music and conversation. — full article here.…