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With all this talk of Shakespeare Cervantes is overlooked

His words still shape our consciousness, even if we fail to read him. This is not due to some hackneyed idealism (“tilting at windmills”), but rather to his pervasive impact on the genre that taught us to think like moderns: the novel. He pioneered the representation of individual subjectivity and aspiration, which today undergirds the…

Pride and Profit: The Intersection of Jane Austen and Adam Smith

Coming soon . . . Pride and Profit explores the ways in which Austen’s novels reflect Smith’s ideas. More than this, they provide colorful illustrations of Smith’s ideas on self-command, prudence, benevolence, justice, and impartiality as well as vanity, pride, and greed. A freely available symposium on Jack Russell Weinstein’s Adam Smith’s Pluralism: Rationality, Education…

The Soul of the World

Roger Scruton’s latest (2014) garnering some warm praise, thoughtful discussion rather than the shrill or snide remarks that Roger (one of the most refined minds around) usually attracts. The Independent Wall Street Journal The FT David McPherson architectureArtCognitionconsciousnessExperiencefaithLiteraturemusicReligionRoger Scrutonscience