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Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom: 1930-2019 “Harold Bloom.” Contemporary Authors, Gale, 2018. The Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University, Harold Bloom is perhaps the best-known literary critic in America today, as well as one of the most controversial. Describing the influence of the past upon poetry as a relationship of conflict, Bloom’s writings have consistently contradicted mainstream…

Dear Humanities Profs: We Are the Problem

“Academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so small” — attributed to Henry Kissinger. Eric Bennett’s scathing assessment of activism masquerading as inquiry. “The IYI [intellectual yet idiot] pathologizes others for doing things he doesn’t understand without ever realizing it is his understanding that may be limited” — Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game. The…

Biographia Literaria

At a guess I’d say this would be in my top dozen all time favourite books. Thank you for making it freely available Project Gutenberg. Biographia Literarialiterary criticismphilosophical literaturePoetryProject GutenbergromanticismSamuel Taylor ColeridgeWordsworth