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Distributed Cognition and the Archaeology of Memory

The latest from the culture and cognition reading group at Macquarie University. Worth checking out one of the articles already cited along with one that wasn’t. Bill WimsattBryce HuebnerCognitive Archaeologycolin AllenCollective memorydistributed cognitionEmergenceEnskillmentjohn suttonLambros MalafourisMemorymethodologyMichael AndersonRadical EnactivismRichard HeersminkRob Rupert

A conceptual and empirical framework for the social distribution of cognition: The case of memory

The power team of  Barnier, Sutton, Harris, and Wilson. Paradigms in which human cognition is conceptualised as “embedded”, “distributed”, or “extended” have arisen in different areas of the cognitive sciences in the past 20 years. These paradigms share the idea that human cognitive processing is sometimes, perhaps even typically, hybrid in character: it spans not only…