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Arts, Rhetoric, and Swing

Wynton Marsalis waxing philosophical about jazz. Despite the sour grapes one detects aimed at Wynton, he is without doubt the most naturally articulate spokesman for jazz and one of the most insightful thinker-practitioners within music generally – ask Simon Rattle or Eric Clapton. aestheticsand Swing: The Writings of Wynton MarsalisArtsJazzJazz at Lincoln CenterMoving to Higher GroundPhilosophyRhetoricWynton…

25 Years of Jazz at Lincoln Center

Right on Wynton – an amazing achievement. His intense belief that jazz must be based on swing rhythms fused with elements of the blues and firmly rooted in black traditional music has long rubbed many in the jazz community the wrong way. JazzJazz at Lincoln CenterLincoln Center for the Performing ArtsTraditionWynton Marsalis

Just One Bishop at High Church of Jazz Purity

I’m with Wynton. As he says: “If you don’t have a cultural base, you don’t know who you are.” If you listen to Wynton talking over the past decade or so, there is no way he could be deemed a jazz “fundamentalist” – it would be an anathema to his understanding of jazz as a…