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Walk on by

My two favourite (and on paper, improbable) versions. The former is very Morricone-ish; the latter funky punkish. BURT BACHARACHEnnio MorriconeHal Davidisaac hayesmusicthe stranglerswalk on by

California Dreamin’

Here are two very different superb interpretations — the first by Baby Huey; the second by Bobby Womack. These guys so easily and classily rework a classic song squeezing out new nuances. Isaac Hayes and Rod Stewart also had this ability, something that most covers these days fail to do. Both BW and IH reinterpret Bacharach &…

The Baby Huey Story

Genius — the best piece on Baby Huey I could find. Listen to the tour de force that is “A Change Is Gonna Come” — James Brown, Sly, Curtis Mayfield (the producer), Percy Sledge, Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack, and Etta James all rolled into one. “Hard Times” so evocative of the early seventies along with Bobby…