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Walker Percy Wednesday 167

In view of the triumphant and generally admirable democratic-technological transformation of society, what is the ground of the novelist’s radical disquiet? Can the charge be brought against him, as Harvey Cox has accused the existentialists, of being an anachronism, one of the remnant of nineteenth-century “cultivated personalities” who, finding no sympathetic hearing from either technician…

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Check out this close-grained discussion and analysis of this most unusual masterpiece (in subject matter at least) by Peter Viney but before one gets to it see this background article. Flannery O’Connorlevon helmmusicPeter VineyRobbie Robertsonthe bandWalker Percy

Catholic Storytelling

Great Catholic narratives grapple with suffering and doubt—experiences that transcend the faith and appeal to readers and viewers of different beliefs — The Atlantic a confederacy of duncesAnthony Burgess.CatholicismEvelyn WaughFlannery O’Connorgraham greeneJohn Kennedy Toolephilosophical literatureShūsaku EndōWalker Percy

Miguel de Unamuno and Walker Percy

Immersed in reading Percy it has become blindingly clear that these two writers have such similar concerns. de Unamuno’s the  Tragic Sense of Life rates as having made the most profound of impressions upon me — and that was going on thirty years ago. Whatever else separates Percy and de Unamuno, it is my view that de…