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Legal Philosophy as Philosophy

Yet another deliciously entertaining paper from Susan freely accessible here. Some of you may think that this shows that the civil-law custom of court-appointed experts has a distinct advantage over the common-law practice. And in some ways, no doubt, it does. But I’m not convinced it is better overall, and not just because the U.S.…

Post “ Post-Truth”: Are We There Yet?

One of my favorite, most formidable and most intellectually honest philosophers, Susan Haack, has made available this recent paper. (Stay tuned for an upcoming festschrift for Susan marking her 75!). If you find the “activism masquerading as inquiry” sorts tiresome and disingenuous, you should really check out Susan’s less technical stuff.   EpistemologyevidencemetaphysicsPeircepost modernismsusan haacktestimonyTruth