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The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot: The Critical Edition

The very excellent Ronald Schuchard discusses the genesis of this important and large project. Of course Valerie Eliot was vital to the realization of this task as he explains in the video. Some months ago I posted this amusing squib from VE and was reminded of one of my favorite Eliot quotes: All our knowledge brings us nearer to our…


Hilary Putnam 1926-2016

It is notable that the so-called “new atheists” never did take on Putnam. Shows how lily-livered they really are, picking on the usual easy targets. Ditto for his critique of scientism. Putnam’s Mind, Language and Reality. Philosophical Papers, vol. 2. remains one of my favorite books. The Guardian obit. Martha Nussbaum on Putnam. EpistemologyethicsfunctionalismHilary PutnamJewish PhilosophymetaphysicsPhilosophy of Languagephilosophy…

Willard Van Orman Quine

Died on this day. Here’s a terrific resource for all things Quine. I wonder what he’d think about current campus illiberal fuckery? The Guardian The Economist The Telegraph Analytic philosophyEpistemologylogicquine