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Academic Hacks

The pun of the headline was unintended. Anyway, here is a short interview with Susan in Psychology Today — BTW, I highly recommend her Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate. The quote below captures the bind that befalls many humanities academics and is therefore a major driver of their hackery — ostrich-ism: So, in the crudest career terms, yes,…

Why Not Viewpoint Diversity?

Social psychologist Clay Routledge guest blogging in Scientific American. The tendency that Routledge points to is tone deaf to perfectly legitimate epistemic possibilities (meaningful viewpoint diversity) but we have long since pathologized ideology in a sad grab for power and influence (I have a chapter on this topic coming shortly). Surely the Overton window must be wide open…

The virtue epistemologist

The latest installment of Richard Marshall’s lovely interviews — here he’s talking with Ernest Sosa — a student of the wonderful Nicholas Rescher. It’s also worth listening to Sosa discussing the state of epistemology: EpistemologyErnest Sosanicholas rescherRichard Marshallsocial epistemologyVirtue epistemology

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Experience and its Modes: Reissued

It’s been brought to my attention that Experience and its Modes has been reissued with a preface by Paul Franco — see below. E+M is one of the most influential books across all genres to my thinking not to mention being one of the most entertaining. Dreadful new cover though . . . If you…