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“Marginal Men”: Weimer on Hayek

From Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology (Thank you Walter!) Occasionally I am asked how I came to the work of Friedrich Hayek and why I promoted it (to a mainly psychological audience) through conferences and writings in the 1970’s and 1980’s during the period when I was able to indulge my hobby of studying interesting…

Five Answers on Pragmatism

Susan Haack has just made this available. pragmatism is best thought of, not as requiring these or those articles of faith, but simply as a broad congeries of philosophical attitudes Charles Sanders PeirceEpistemologyJohn DeweyPhilosophypragmatismRichard Rortysusan haackTruthWilliam James

Hume the humane

Julian Baggini on Hume. Hume was always suspicious of what he called ‘enthusiasts’ and it is perhaps telling that the meaning of this word now has an unambiguously positive meaning . . . To be an enthusiast in Hume’s sense is to forget one is human and act as though one were a god, sufficient in…